Five Great Lakes in China


As we all know, the world-renowned five great lakes in America are magnificent and providing American the rich water resource. In China, there are also five great lakes, but all fresh-water lakes and they play an important role in the Chinese great civilization. These lakes are Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake, Taihu Lake, Hongze Lake and Chaohu Lake.

Dongting Lake is located at the southern part of Jing River and crossing Hunan and Hubei province. The beautiful natural landscape around the lake become the key scenic spots, such as Tu Fu Tomb, Yueyang Tower, Jun Mountain, Qu Yuan Temple and so on. They represent the long history of China and accumulates great gems in culture.

Poyang Lake is the lake for flood control and drought relief, it is also one of the important global ecological zones chosen by the World Wildlife Fund. The areas around Poyang Lake were the wealthy areas in the old days and many outstanding celebrities have lived here.

Taihu Lake is the third largest fresh-water lake in China It is also one of the famous scenic areas in southern China. The agriculture industry here is way advanced and the area claimed to be the Barn of China. It is also one of the great water channels to connect Jiangsu and Zhejiang province.

Hongze Lake is situated in the northern part of Jiangsu Province. It is not as popular as Taihu Lake in the southern Jiangsu Province. However, it connects Huaihe River, Yangtze River and flows through the Yellow Sea. It guarantees the water-supply for the the farms and local residents.

Chaohu Lake is located in the middle of Anhui Province, belongs to the Yangtze River water system. It is famous for its bird-nest-like profile. The water of Chaohu Lake flows from Chao County to Yangtze River via Yuxi River, it is the fifth largest fresh-water lake in China with a total area of 820 square kilometers.