Firefox Crashes Frequently? Learn How to Fix Firefox Crashes Instantly


Like all browsers, Firefox crashes frequently while we are using Firefox for Internet surfing. Though it is always frustrating when it happens, it is easy to fix the problem.

Once you come across Firefox crashes, the first things that you have to do is to clean the cache. When ever you go to a website, a lot of data get stored in the Firefox cache. Sometimes these files that are stored in the cache can get corrupted and lead to freezing. You have to clean the cache files quite often to prevent such crashes and freezing.

If you want your Firefox to run smoothly without any problem, make sure that you have the reliable add-ons and plugins. Though add-ons and plugins are handy, sometimes they are causing problems. For example, “Quick Time”, “SEO for Firefox” and “Greasemonkey” are some of the add-ons that may lead to Firefox crashes. The best option is to reduce the number of add-ons to avoid any freezing. Just uninstall some unnecessary plugins and add-ons for the smooth functioning of the Firefox.

How to Fix Firefox Crashes

Firefox crashes can also happen if the computer is infested with Viruses like Trojan Horse and Malware. These Viruses can creep into the registry and corrupt the necessary files that need to run the computer. So always have anti-virus software downloaded in your computer.

Another important part that has to be looked into for preventing unexpected Firefox crashing is the registry. The registry is an important part of the computer where all relevant files are stored. Some files in the registry get corrupted that could lead to Firefox crashes. The problem can be easily solved. If you have good knowledge about the structure of registry, you can do the job yourself. If you do not have any idea about cleaning registry, it is better to contact the local computer technician or go for registry cleaning software. Hiring a technician is expensive and moreover, he would also use some registry cleaning to do the work. So the recommended way to clean the registry and preventing unexpected crashing is using a professional registry cleaning software.