Finding Your EBook Marketing Niche – What Puts You Above the Rest?


The biggest ebook-marketing mistake, I see people make is not determining their unique niche before they write an ebook. If your ebook ideas, products and services are not unique, you could easily be wasting your time and your ebook could become a novelty item only read by friends and family.

To become an expert in your field you need to know what your ebook-marketing niche is; what makes you special, better, different from everyone else and why people should choose your ebook over your competitors’.

To find your ebook-marketing niche, answer the following three questions:

Who are your prospective clients/customers?
What is it that you have to offer them?
Why would they want to pick you over your competitor?

If you can answer these questions, then you have found your ebook-marketing niche and are ready to move ahead and publish an ebook. If not, you will want to take a little time to find the answers before moving forward and writing an ebook.

Once you find what people are looking for and what consumers want then you can figure out which products and services to offer whether they are your own unique products, or other people’s products. This can be done by doing simple searches on the Internet and checking sites such as Technorati and Digg to find what’s popular. Resources such as these should give you plenty of ideas and topics to write an ebook and create marketing materials that are in alignment with your ebook-marketing niche.

Now before you go and publish an ebook, there’s one more thing you need to address. Why would someone pick you over your competitor? What makes you the better choice?

Check out your competition. Even if you think you know, don’t skip this step! You’ll not only find out what your competition is doing but you can find out what keywords they are using and what works and what doesn’t work. (Take notes because you may want to joint venture with them at a later date!)

Once you know what’s out there, find a way that you can do something a little differently, better, or faster than everyone else out there! This is what will help you stand out from the competitors. If you can improve on what’s already out there, you can dominate your ebook-marketing niche and be very successful.

An excellent example is Domino’s Pizza. There were plenty of pizza places before Domino’s came into the market and pizza delivery was not a new service, but home deliver left much to be desired and the pizza often arrived cold!

Domino’s came up with a way to deliver pizza in a timely manner, keep the pizza hot and it was delicious! Plus they offered their consumers a delivery-time guarantee; if they didn’t get to your pizza to the door in 30 minutes or less, hot, it was free. And they delivered on their promise! So it became the obvious choice when ordering pizza in; they dominated the market.

You can do the same thing by following the steps laid out in this article.