Finding Inspiration In Table Decorating


There are hundreds of ideas for decorating your tables right in front of you. They are in the plates, napkins, placemats and glasses which you are already using. Find inspiration in everything around you. Put them into actions, from your meal to your colours in the dining room.


Serving French food? Use baguettes, French flags or simply red, white and blue in your table decoration. Throwing an eighth birthday party? Use the number 8 as a theme. Use the colours in your napkins as the basis for a simple flower arrangement. Use candles the same colour as your chairs. Trying out new recipes on friends? Use cookbooks as your centerpiece. Have fun with it! Let your creativity run wild!


I know what you’re thinking; I can’t afford to create a massive centerpiece. Well here’s the good news, table decorations are easy and don’t have to be expensive. Use items from around your home or elements of the meal (desert, bread or side dishes). Good table decorating ideas aren’t about flashy expensive centerpieces. Using your imagination to create something simple, elegant and original is the most impressive way to dress your table.


* Pick flowers from the garden or visit your local flower market for cheap wholesale prices. Florists will often sell opened flowers for a discounted price – perfect for your dinner party that evening!


* Tealights are cheap in bulk and are an excellent way to add elegance and class to your table. Can’t afford tealight holders? Float candles in glass tumblers (pebbles or flowers sunk to the bottom add a different effect), place tealights on top of small mirrors (If you have any around the house) or surround with small flowers or foliage (be careful of fire hazards!)


* Use nice paper or wrapping paper in lieu of expensive placemats (and for a change in colour or theme). You can also utilse segments of used wrapping paper for other parts of the centerpiece or table decorations.


* Fruit and vegetables make great centerpieces and add a rustic or fresh touch (depending on how you use them). Place aesthetically in a simple basket or bowl for a speedy centerpiece. For a more impressive look, chop fruit or vegetables and place them facing outwards in a big glass container or a few small ones (use glass tumblers if necessary). Filling the containers with water can help to keep the pieces in position and create added effect.


And there you have it – simple, easy, fast and cheap table decorating ideas! There are no limits to what you can do with a little time, creativity and money if you have it to spend. And remember, all non-perishable elements can be reused in different ways for future table decorations!