Finding and Removing Unnecessary Startup Programs


Most of the programs that start when you boot up your computer are completely unnecessary and simply add to the overhead involved with turning on your computer. The reasons for the existence of these programs are based on faulty logic for a number of reasons. In this article I’ll point out to reasons that should be obvious to anyone and I will give you a recommendation for a tool that you can hear to find and remove these unnecessary and annoying startup programs. If you put the knowledge from this article to use, you will have a faster starting and faster overall performing computer.

The primary reason that most software developers give for creating startup programs is that the startup programs will help your software to start faster when you call upon it. In a vacuum that theory is sound. The theory presumes that you are going to use that piece of software every time you turn your computer on. However on your computer you have more than one program and most of the programs on your computer are used infrequently. Each one of these programs feels the need to install a startup program so that after you had your computer for a while and installed numerous programs you now have numerous startup programs that fire every time you start up your computer. In my mind I picture a piece of plumbing pipe that is getting clocked by a buildup of junk.

The main theory being that if he’s startup programs preload your software then your programs will start faster. Hole number two in that theory is that the developers have not eliminated the waiting that simply moved it to instead of when you call the program. The program is going to load everything it needs at some point. The developers have simply decided to make it happen at boot time on the presumption that you’re going to eventually use that program. That my friends is simply pride.

So today I recommend a program that I use, I’m not affiliated with the program in anyway, I simply use it myself so I know how effective and simple the program is. If you do a Google search for Ccleaner you will find the program. Simply download it and install it and let it run. When you have the program running you will notice on the left side of button for tools. Click on the tools button, now just to the right of the tools button you should see the word start up in a box, click on start up. You will now see listed all the programs that start when you turn on your computer. It is safe to delete any of the programs where the entry under the file column begins with C:program files. I say it is safe to delete those but it is not always advisable to do so because some of those programs you do want starting when you boot up your computer, so my advice is instead of deleting them simply disable them so that you can come back and re-enable the ones that you wanted running.