Finding a Niche – Some Ideas


You can make big money with Internet Marketing if you know how. One of the tricks is to choose the right niche. The idea is to find a subject that is very popular, so you have plenty of customers. You need to find a category where there is competition, but not too much. You wouldn’t like to try to sell diet shakes because the market is saturated and the competition is fierce.

However, you don’t want to try to sell heated dog beds in the tropics because there is no market for this type of product. One way to brainstorm for a suitable niche product is to look around shopping centres. I love newsagents because of the variety of magazines on show. If someone has produced a magazine on a subject you can bet there is a market. Look at the magazines. Flick through them and look at the ads. The ads tell you what the readers are most likely to be looking to buy.

Sports stores are another great place to look for ideas. You can find all sorts of inspiration by looking at the equipment and clothing needs for each type of sport. People spend huge amounts of money on sports. You should be able to find lots of niche ideas in a sports store. Camping and outdoor stores are great for ideas too. I love looking around at the products they have available. There seems to be more every year. You can find lots of inspiration in a camping store.

When you have a lot of ideas you need to narrow them down. It is easier to sell products if you have a laser targeted audience. If you can find an exact product, for example, Canon Powershot A610, everyone who clicks on your exact keyword phrase will be looking for exactly your product. If someone is that specific in their search, they are most likely looking to buy that product. That is what you are aiming for in your niche research. Keep looking for ideas and narrowing them down to a specific product. This will be a great starting point for your campaign.