Find That Money Making Niche Market


I have been on the internet trying to make money before it was popular.  It seemed like everything I tried was unsuccessful.  I bought thousands of dollars of information products, most being pure garbage.  Some of the blame has to be on me as well.  I didn’t follow through with a lot of the material, either because  I thought it was stupid or I didn’t understand it.  (Sound Familiar)  Information overload is also a big problem for many of us.

What finally worked for me was learning the basics.  Find a place that offers everything you need to learn. There are plenty of places. If you don’t know how to create a landing page, use an autoresponder, create a video etc… then learn it. It really is not that hard. Do you want an online business? Did you answer “yes” Then force yourself to learn the basics.

Another important part of Making Money on the internet is finding a Profitable Niche Market.

3 Steps to finding and Profiting from your Niche Market!

1.) Find Out What People Want

Go to Google Trends or Yahoo Answers.  Look at what the people are searching for.  If you find out what people want it makes selling a lot easier

2.) Find Out If You Can Compete In That Market

You can use Google’s Keyword Tool.  Type in your root keyword.  For example “golf”.  Google will generate a ton of keywords relevant to “golf” and give you the number of times people have searched on the keywords.  What it does not give you is the amount of competition out there.

More on that later.

3.) Sell The People What They Want

Do a Google search for your niche market.  If your niche is “improving your golf swing” Then maybe type in “affiliate golf products”

You can also try:,,, etc…

I hope this information was helpful.  You don’t need all those expensive programs out there to succeed on the internet.  Just learn the basics and find that profitable niche market.