Find Friends – Find All Types of Information About Your Friends


Lost contact with your friends? Was your cell phone that had all the numbers of your friends accidentally or intentionally lost? Did you experience losing those addresses of your good friends? I already had this experience, and it is indeed, very troublesome. But, you need not to worry, since I am going to teach you how to find friends and have their numbers and addresses back. You may ask those people that are near you if they have some information about your friend, or you can use the Internet and choose between a free or paid services (better say, different types of services) that would still help you in finding them.

For the past nine years that I had 7 cell phones. I was even able to use the Ericsson phones, before they did a collaborative work that gave birth to the mobile phone giant, Sony Ericsson. Out of those seven, I lost three, where two of them were stolen while the other one just slipped out my pants! Anyway, I find it very difficult to have those email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses back, especially sincethey were saved in my phone. But then, I was able to retrieve them in less than a week due to these techniques that I will share to you.

First and foremost, you should have a hard copy of those information regarding your friends. It can be placed in an organizer, or have their own respective business cards and place it in a secure place. In my wallet, I had written some of my friends’ numbers and their business cards. Asking your friends, family, neighbors and relatives would also be a good choice, especially if they have contact with them. But then, doing this won’t save 100% of all the contacts that you had lost. With that, you can proceed by using the Internet.

Since the Internet supports large databases that carra lot of information, you can use the services that they can offer to you. Visiting social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is a nice idea. You can search your friends on this site, either by their name or email address. With this, you are provided with search results through the profiles and accounts that they had scanned. When I lost my email contacts, I was able to retrieve them by visiting those mentioned sites.