Find 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Vancouver


Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the God in all. The unique quality of Divine Light Yoga Teacher Trainings comes from the quality of teachers and from the years of teaching experience and this unique quality has gained by specializing in teacher trainings. All Divine light teaching staff have years of teaching experience and dedicated practice behind them.

Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver is practical, theoretical and designed to be intense and challenging on a physical and emotional level. Teaching yoga takes passion, dedication, persistence and consistency of practice. So the objective of the Divine light Yoga Teacher Training is to train students in quality, professionalism, safe and knowledgeable teaching skills and to offer the teacher to be, as many available teaching tools as possible so that their teaching can be available to everyone. The students completing Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver will gain the necessary skills to teach yoga safely and effectively to a broad range of students. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver is also designed for yoga teachers that would like to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of teaching Yoga.

All the Divine Light Yoga Teacher Training courses emphasis on professional development, communication, teaching methodology, yoga therapy, anatomy of yoga and yoga philosophy. Divine light also maintains its reputation of a high teaching standard by continually optimizing the course content of the trainings to keep up with the demand for training better and better teachers. The challenging nature of our trainings offers the opportunity for optimum growth and transformation. Divine Light courses offer comprehensive, practical training in how to teach Yoga. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver welcomes experienced practitioners who would like to teach in the future, also those who would simply like to deepen their Yoga knowledge and practice, and those who want to keep them fit.

Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver brings self responsibility, self understanding, spiritual maturity and awakening to the student. Yoga instructors in Vancouver prepare the student on an inner reflective level to move towards a spiritual maturity and self-understanding. We expect that the students enrolling on our courses have an understanding of the essence of Yoga beyond the techniques. Teaching and studying Yoga is a beautiful lifetime journey and this lifetime journey could not be easy so yoga practitioners has to be physically fit, emotionally strong, mentally sound and balanced. The self-understanding and continual awakening that takes place through the practice of Yoga brings the peace to our lives that we all desire. Touching the essence of Yoga through ones own personal experience is the keynote for sharing this Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver through teaching.

The 200 and 300 hours Divine light yoga certifications are unique yogic programs that aim to cultivate and reveal the healer and master within you. 500 hours Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program offer master healing therapies for teachers who want to support and heal others on the path of self-realization. Divine light is professional standards for the practice of Yoga therapy in Vancouver. More people are getting certified by this Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver.