Festivals List In Mexico Part 3

.tags It is really to be happy that people like to read articles and to know about other countries. As we wrote in article how people like to share their feelings with each other in way of festivals. Mexican people like to have enjoy festivals and very friendly around Mexico.
Being social people, they have many small or big festivals around the year. People have festivals known around the Mexico. In case, you just start to read this article, then let us to recall about previous festivals details in recent two articles.
In first article, we got about festivals held in January and fist week of February. In January, people start with first week celebrating New Year Eve. Enjoying further, you can enjoy International Bird Watching Festival and Jose Maria Mercado Day.
In Second article, most part of article we covered with Februarys festivals including San Blas Day, full of beauty with fireworks. People have Constitution day, Mardi Gras, Valentines Day and Flag Day. Flag Day is about national day, celebrated at End of February.
In falls season, Mexico has quite month. There are no such big festivals. However, never forget to celebrate events like birthday, anniversary and others. So continuing about festival, let get some more information about festivals.
Semana Santa – In Spain, a country of great Catholic tradition, is especially celebrated this date in the festive calendar, because this is the busiest time of the liturgical year. In all towns and cities celebrated this week crowded masses and processions, and other acts, Says edreams. Christian people like to celebrate Easter when Jesus enters into Jerusalem. The Easter processions, Accompanied by their images with their steps, representing the Passion of Christ.
Virgen of Guadalupe Festival This is annual festival celebrated by entire country in December. Millions of travelers are drawn to the Basilica of Mexico City as part of their tribute to the patron saint and as a pilgrimage. The plaza in front of the Basilica is the place to be, as dancing, singing and general merriment liven the atmosphere.