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Since its start in 1989, celebrity cruises has become one of the world leaders in luxury cruising. In 1997 they merged with Royal Caribbean International to form Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Celebrity cruise line will not only take you to the popular and beautiful cruising destinations in the world and you will be rightly liberated from the boredom of life! The celebrity cruises’ famous personal service with a taste of luxury will make you feel like the only guest on board. Journeying on a Celebrity Cruise ship is not like any ordinary sailing on sea water, waiting for the moment when the water vehicle will finally dock to the port. Aboard the celebrity cruises are a wide selection of activities which will definitely entertain you while waiting for the ship to disembark on destination ports. You can attend an informative onboard lecture, discover unique treasures in their upscale boutiques or test your love for competition, collect fine pieces of art during an onboard auction. From the moment you aboard, you will experience the extraordinary features of the celebrity cruises. They offer stunning décor, elegant furnishings and an air of understated elegance that creates a festive, carefree environment to enjoy among new friends, together sharing the unique experience. There is also fitness classes offered to passengers such as body sculpting, pilates, spinning, yoga and step aerobics. There are trainers inside the fitness centers whose job is to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. There are celebrity cruise for the cruise lines like Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Galapagos, Hawaii, Mexico, South America, and Pacific Northwest.

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