Fda, Usda Budget Cuts Concern California Food Poisoning Lawyers

{flickr|100|campaign} House Republicans are gearing towards implementing budget cuts at the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture. California food poisoning lawyers are concerned that these budget cuts could adversely impact food safety.

According to news reports, House Republicans are aiming at budget cuts in the Food and Drug Administration and the USDA by as much as 14 %. The plan is to cut the budget by about $ 3.2 billion. House Republicans have still not made it clear exactly where these cuts will be implemented. However, California injury lawyers are concerned that the budget cuts would involve a return back to 2008 levels. That would mean a severe impact on the budget for food safety at both the FDA and the USDA.

Besides, these cuts would also impact nutrition programs for low-income women and children as well as farming operating loans. The Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program could likely lose up to $ 6 billion if the budget cuts bring it to the 2008 level. Overall, the House Republicans want to trim the budget to the tune of $ 35 million, and this includes cuts to the USDA and FDA.

However, there’s still some hope. Even if these cuts are approved by the House Republicans, they would still have to make it through the Senate which is controlled by the Democrats. Already, legislators who are part of the decision-making process as far as the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration is concerned, have made clear their opposition to these cuts that would impact food safety. Representatives of a Sen. Tom Harkin, Democrat-Iowa, who is a member of the Senate Committee in charge of controlling the US Department of Agriculture and the Food And Drug Administration budgets, say that the Senator is for budget review, but is against any damaging cuts to critical programs of the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture that can impact safety.

Earlier this year, Congress approved a massive and expensive food safety bill that would substantially increase the powers of the Food and Drug Administration, and reduce the risk of contaminated products being released into the market. For instance, the FDA would have greater powers to conduct inspections of facilities, and would also have greater recall authority than it does now. However, if the Food and Drug Administration is stripped of critical budgetary funding at this juncture, it could negatively impact how the agency is equipped to carry out its duties. California injury lawyers have been concerned about budget cuts to critical areas of consumer safety in the US, and worry that such cuts in funding have a long-term impact on health and safety.