F*Ck up My Site: 10 Tips to Improve ANY eCommerce Site — with Alex Ikonn

F*Ck up My Site: 10 Tips to Improve ANY eCommerce Site — with Alex Ikonn

What’s wrong with your website?

Today, I’m going to drop a #knowledgebomb on how to improve an eCommerce website.

Using my friend Alex Ikon’s website, Intelligent Change, you’ll learn 10 key strategies to get more customers, increase conversions, lower your bounce rate, and more.

You’ll learn…

1) How to improve your homepage and drive more sales
2) What parts of a website visitors find confusing — and how to avoid common traps
3) Best website practices I learned working at Facebook

And tons more.

Use these lessons to improve your own website. And leave me a comment letting me know how it goes. 🙂


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Here’s ALL my notes from above video:

1- Test making https://www.intelligentchange.com/collections/all their homepage

2- Cut a lot of the top parts of their website

3- Instead of support link to success stories

4- Move blog away and click trigger to newsletter

5- change a few colors to signify whats a link vs whats text

6- update footer to be even more human. have brief blurb of your story, have both your signatures and have both your email addresses. straight up. no generic one.

7- consider testing live chat for a month.

8- add some social proof. there’s a reason 10,000 people a day use daily planner OR add customer reviews + make sure in google people are seeing reviews

9- any testing of refer a friend program.

10- confusing to have tim + book on same page linking to same thing

11- think you need more holy shit how this is mother fucking life changing

12- test spending $X and get your other journals for free

13- do an email pop up after 1 minute = 7 day productivity with us OR get sneak peak of upcoming products

14- do series featuring people and the way they stay organized.

15- use sumo.com and check out noah kagan on youtube 🙂