Father?s eyes


There is a boy, he and his father had each other, the feelings are deep and his son.

Boys like football, though often on the court bench player, but his father still did not fall came to watch every game, every game in the stands for his son and encouraging.

The secondary school, the boy did not miss a practice or game, but he is still a bench player, and his father have been encouraging him.

When the boy entered the university, he joined the school football team trials. Able to make the team, even if he is willing to play a small role. People thought he was not, but this time he succeeded – the coach picked him because he is always so hard to train, while also continue to boost the morale of any of the others.

But the boys team at the university where, or have not the chance to play. Blink of an eye to graduate soon, this is a boy in the school team last season, and a competition is coming.

That small boy ran to the training field, the coach handed him a telegram, ugg sale, the boy read the telegram, suddenly became deathly silent. He choked back the tears, the coach said: “My father passed away this morning, today I can not participate in training?” The coach gently grabbed the boy’s shoulder and said: “This week you can not come, children, Saturday The game can not come. “

Saturday arrived, and was the football match played very difficult. When the race to 3 / 4 time, the boy where the team has lost 10 points. Just then, a silent young man quietly ran into the empty locker room and put on his jersey. When he ran up the sidelines, the coaches and the players were surprised off to teammates looked at the face of confidence.

“Coach, please allow me to play to today.” The boy pleaded. UGG Boots, Coach pretended not to hear. Today’s race is too important to decide about the outcome of this season, he certainly is no reason for the worst team play. But the boy kept on pleading, the coach finally gave in, I feel a little bit and then it would not let him play against my boy. “Well,” the coach said, “you on the go.”

Soon, the small and thin, nationality nationality unknown, has never been to field players in the field running, extraordinary, and stopped the other team the ball, just like the players the same. His team began to turn the tables, and soon the score a draw. Just a few seconds before the end of the game, boy, running all the way toward the bottom line, score! Won! Boy’s teammates threw him up high in the stands cheering fans, such as flash floods!

When people gradually take on the stands empty, UGGS, the team members one by one left the locker room after the bath, the coach noticed the boy sitting quietly alone in a corner of the stadium. Coach approached him and said: “Boy, I can not believe, you’re a miracle! Tell me how you do it?”

Coach looked at the boy, tears filled his eyes. He said: “You know my father died, but you know what? Can not see my father, he is blind!”

“Father in heaven, he for the first time I can really see the match! So I want him to know that I can do it!”