Fateh Sagar Lake In Udaipur

.tags Fateh Sagar is one of the beautiful lakes in Udiapur City built in 1678 by Maharana Jai Singh. This lake got its name from Maharana Fateh Singh who later made additions to it. The lake is situated beside the entrance to Moti Magri Hill. The Aravali hills at its backdrop heighten the scenic beauty of this place.

This beautiful lake is bestowed with infinite scenic beauty which makes it a popular tourist attraction of Udaipur. It is one of the most romantic vicinities for young lovers and tourists who come here from several parts of the globe. The peaceful ambiances and scenic locale of this place make it a popular attraction of Udaipur Tour where tourists can spend their leisure in the lap of scenic beauty.

The Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur is 2.4 km long, 1.6 km wide and 11.5 deep. This pear-shaped lake is a well planned lake covers the total area of around 1 sq km with intake channels and an overflow channel which are operational during the rainy season. The beauty of this lake is garnished by three small islands that can be reached by taking a boat ride.

On the largest island of this lake a Nehru Park was constructed whose beauty calls on scores of tourists on a regular basis. The garden comprises a boat-shaped restaurant and a small zoo for children. This island park is the favorite picnic spot of Udaipur which is visited by number of tourists during their Udaipur travel. The second island of this lake is converted into a public park famous for its brilliant water-jet fountains developed by the Government of Rajasthan.

The third island of this lake is famous for the Udaipur Solar Observatory, which is the best solar observing site in Asia. The design of this observatory is based on the model of Solar Observatory at Big Bear Lake in Southern California. This observatory is among the known attractions of Udaipur Tour which is visited by scores of tourist everyday.

From the bottom of Moti Magri Hill, tourists can hire pedal boats or motorboats according to their convenience to enjoy a boat ride in the lake. The Fateh Sagar Lake encompasses various sightseeing, which makes it a most sought after attractions of this place.