Fashion Style of Celebrity before Shining


It can not be denied that Hollywood stars forevermore appear in gorgeous and charming look making fans all over the world crazy. Being celebrities, they know what to show and how to show themselves on press and media. Beautiful, handsome, stylish, graceful, charming, attractive, talented, and so on are probably the key words honoring for Hollywood stars. In fact, stars are absolutely normal people trying to make a living before they are well-known. At that time, money they made was spent on basis food and renting but not clothes and stylist. Hence, it would be awesome to see Hollywood celebrities before-and-after shots. If you are so familiar with current glamour of famous star, you may be interested in how George Clooney, Eva Longoria or Brad Pitt stepped out in the past few years.


George Clooney, the sexiest man on Earth, wears a bad jacket in 1986 (left) and has worse haircut (1990)


Brad Pitt looks like a victim of Debbie Gibson’s Yard Sale in 1988.

Bret Michaels dresses like the 80s rock star and he looks pretty amazing.

Angelina Jolie and David Duchovny were seen in 1997. Angelina Jolie wears a leather-clad.


Ashton Kutcher and January Jones arrive at the Hollywood premiere of Dimension’s Reindeer Games in 2000. Ashton Kutcher looks totally different from his current short, styled hair and red lips.


The Gossip Girl did not put so much effort on her weirdly belted, overly cuffed look.

Alicia Keys, the victim of over-leathering, takes a fashion risk when choosing this leather suit.


Mila Kunis was seen like an extra at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards. This is far cry from her sexy glamour nowadays.

John Mayer, an American musician, singer-songwriter, was captured on the day he had not discovered his revitalizing powers.

Teri Hatcher was walking to Emmy rehearsal in 1993. She straps a fanny pack to her waist.

“Mad Men: Part 3” star happens to have a pretty sense of style these days. However, 10 years earlier, she was as dowdy as her character Peggy Olsen.


The outfit that Sheryl Crow shows in 2002 makes no sense at all.

Eva Longoria seems to love the leather suit so much that she does not want to wear a shirt underneath hers.



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