Fashion Icon They Deserved After 90s

{flickr|100|campaign} Cecilia Cassini Arlo Weiner, Julia, Frakes, these shimmering name, a few are you familiar with? Even if your answer is zero, be fond of fashionable you will also be necessary to meet, this pile of possibility than you small 10 years old young fashion icon…10 years old when doing? At least I was a holding m&m chocolate beans see “zathura” small fart child. Of course, everyone consumption childhood ininstyler rotating iron different ways, today be introduction of this, “Vogue” is her comics, “the devil” wear Prada as if her cartoons, sewing machine is her greatest pleasure, the tailor room peremptory her heaven, her name is Cecilia Cassini Cecilia felipe calderon dasey ni.
Four years to fix for the achievements today style
Cecilia6 birthday gift is a sewing machine, after that she couldn’t stop costume design this craft. A year later, Cecilia enrolling start system study dress design major, while learning to become a new fun, its strength will be extremely powerful. Again a year later, the diligent Cecilia had established own brand, in California has considerable influence. Children bounded Cecilia is from the United States of America’s most young fashion designer, certainly believe in the world, too.By 2010, it is harvested in Cecilia children plump year, children in this year have their own web portal, established ghd limited edition the professional sales team, even design works also entered the Los Angeles Fred Segal, this usually only sell design on the scene works, or a vintage ancient shang pin boutique boutique, ground-breaking first time for a children’s clothing designer flashed green. And Cecilia brand into Fred Segal, Miley Cyrus American sweetheart MaiLi Cyrus also personally to the site for its force quite.Over the past four years, Cecilia everywhere is sewing machine does not leave the hand. This edit the slightest hyperbole, from the kids I the exact words. Four years time, Cecilia countless times break or bending off on machine needle, but since then also accumulated valuable sew experience more. In fact, I think this is a substantial growth wealth.
Did not want to become a chanel
Stationed in Los Angeles Segal, after old-line Fred sales team planning, Cecilia hosted a personal works promotional activities and to expand the superfit young designers influence. Three hours Cecilia successfully sold nearly 50 sheet is tasted, this gives Fred Segal aspect was impressed. “Many mature stylist also reach such sales record”, the California college of art Institute of themselves and strong Merchandising Fashion Design director Mary Mary Stephens none miserly the life of the word, “Cecilia Cecilia is a rare genius, the Design in the next few years, there will be more and more kids like her Design”.Such good grades will inevitably attributable to the American media have unearthed hair straighteners Cecilia, Columbia broadcasting television companies and Los Angeles daily news is one of the most to force the two MEDALS. The former in daily fashion news broadcasts Cecilia genius design rolling, and the latter in FengEr front-page gave her an incredible exposure. Stronger medium so to force the big space report, think red also is difficult.”I don’t do Vinci or chanel,” only see this sentence will think children are very some outrageous, but please finish listen to others. “I don’t want to wait until oneself adult only start work, I need more early began as early as possible and application, and can design products. Learning circulating is indeed I present the main job, but I have enough time to design and sewing.”