Family Bonding


What Is This Thing Called Family bonding?

Family bonding or just plain family fun. I have many rather vivid memories of all the places my family would go when school was out and we kids were raring to go for the summer. That was from the Atlantic Coast to the great Western Pacific Coast. The Adirondack mountains where we heard the story of Rip Van Winkle who it is said slept for twenty-five years. And how we watched the fire flies glow at night. There was a Red Top from Round Top as Dad used to say. That was a Rooster that we thought was a Hen. We left him there with the family whose farm we were at for the summer. They promised to send us any eggs that might be forth coming. And by then we still didn’t know the difference. Although the folks might have caught on by then. Then to the Beach for another summer, where I made locker boy and even elevator operator for one of the hotels near by. My sister made baby sitter for a local family there. All the young girls were doing that at that time. It was and still is called ‘baby-sitting’. Whose to take care of the baby while husband and I go out for a well needed night out.

Then the scene shifts to the great Southwest. Where we ended up in San Diego and The beautiful Yosemite Valley which was not that far away for the summer. Camp Cook as I remember it. That was one of the greatest. In fact after marrying in this great State, my wife and I made Yosemite our summer two-week vacation treat. We stayed in one of those tent cabins. We did the trails and the hikes and wondered at the beautiful water falls. Bridal Veil and so forth. And the great rock formations like El Capitan and all the others. And the fire falls that were presented at night. And there were campfire sing alongs at night put on by the Cook Company on a small stage in the area. And then the drive home and back to work although now we had something to talk about and remember in the most nostalgic way. Like comparing vacations when we got back.

That was with our fellow employees. Well where did you guys go and okay how about you folks. Did you really get away some where good. And work was not that so bad anymore. Yes summer family fun for us was the greatest time of the year. And that is something of what we mean when we say ‘family bonding’. Something we would plan ahead and look forward to for all of the year. Like on the way home. Let’s come again next year, we’ve had such a good time here. And we would all agree. That sounds great for us all.

So to really get away somewhere good is truly a good bit of family bonding in the good old U.S.A Now let’s see did I leave anything out here. Was there some place else I should have mentioned. Did we ever stay home and do something unusual for vacation time. Yes I think there was at least one time when Dad couldn’t make it away. And Mother and Sister and I would get on the bus to Long Beach or That famous Jones beach with the whitest beach sand we have ever seen. Now that was Atlantic Coast if I remember correctly. Rarely did we ever have to go far to plan for the summer. There were tour books and guides a plenty where ever we would go. So I truly hope that your next family bonding or fun is a memorable one for you and all your family. As you must know family bonding is one of the most important features of our American family.