FAKE PASSPORTS – Look Inside The World of Counterfeit Passports

FAKE PASSPORTS – Look Inside The World of Counterfeit Passports


FAKE PASSPORTS – Look Inside The World of Counterfeit Passports

Confirmation that a missing Malaysian airliner was deliberately diverted suggests several scenarios that will sharpen scrutiny of the cockpit crew and passengers known to have boarded with stolen passports.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced today that satellite and radar data clearly indicated the plane’s automated communications had been disabled and the plane then turned away from its intended path and flown on for hours.

“These movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane,” he said, adding that investigators had consequently “refocused their investigation into crew and passengers on board.”

Since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, the International Civil Airline Organisation has mandated high security standards for plane cockpits.

Cockpit doors — reinforced to withstand bullets — must be locked from the inside before push off from the gate.

“So for me there’s only a few scenarios,” said Paul Yap, an aviation lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore.

“First the people involved in the deliberate actions are the pilots, one of them or both of them in cahoots.

“Then we have a scenario where terrorists make the pilots change course and switch off the transponders under duress, maybe threatening to kill passengers,” Yap said.

The transponder of MH370 was switched off around the time analysts said it would have reached its cruising altitude, when pilots often emerge to take a bathroom or coffee break.

The hijackers of the four planes used in the 9/11 attacks turned off the transponders of three of the jets.

The men — who have now been identified as Iranians with no known links to terrorism — bought tickets to Beijing and then onwards to Europe in the resort town of Pattaya. They travelled on passports that had belonged to Austrian Christian Kozel and Italian Luigi Maraldi, who previously reported them stolen on the holiday island of Phuket.

With millions of tourists each year and a reputation for corruption and often weak law enforcement, Thailand has become a hub for fake passport rackets. And though the use of stolen passports is thought to have nothing to do with the disappearance of flight MH370, security officials are emphasising that the prevalence of such passports, and the widespread failure of airports to screen them properly, represent a threat to air safety.
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A fake passport is a passport (or another travel document) issued by governing bodies and then copied and/or modified by persons not authorized to create such documents or engage in such modifications, also known as Cobblers,[1] for the purpose of deceiving those who would view the documents about the identity or status of the bearer. The term also encompasses the activity of acquiring passports from governing bodies by falsifying the required supporting documentation in order to create the desired identity.

Such falsified passports can be used for escape into exile, identity theft, age deception, illegal immigration, and organized crime.

In comparison, a camouflage passport is an item that was never originally ‘real’ and then modified, instead it is manufactured to be fake initially. Finally, fantasy passports, as produced by United Passports, are simply novelty items that are meant to be souvenirs and are not intended to trick customs officials.

The 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may still be alive. This stunning realization is now supported by considerable emerging evidence detailed in this article. At the same time, the “vanished” Boeing 777 may also be in a hanger in Iran right now, being retrofitted with nuclear weapons and turned into a suicide bomb to be deployed over a major city in the Middle East. This possibility is discussed in detail, below, with supporting evidence.

With frightening ease, foreign terrorists and criminals can enter this country using fake EU passports made to order in 48 hours at counterfeiting factories in North London.