Factors To Consider When Selecting Wood, Aluminum Or UPVC Windows


Aluminum, wood and UPVC offers varying qualities and characteristics when used in different structures. There are some materials that seem to have an advantage over the others. UPVC or un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is becoming the choice of frame for many window structures. It has gained popularity in both homes and businesses for several reasons.

Strength and Durability

When people think of durable material, they don’t always consider UPVC. One of the reasons is because when they hear the term and find out that it’s simply made from basic plastic, they doubt that it offers the same strength as wood or aluminum. One should not be fooled. This is no ordinary plastic, but a high-quality plastic that uses several special processes in its creation. This material is quite resilient and strong. This is the reason why this material is used in tilt and turn windows and upvc sliding sash windows.

Though wood is tough, it needs to be protected and weather-proofed. If it isn’t protected, it will eventually rot and change in shape, whereas aluminum may oxidize and rust. This will not happen to uPVC and it can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions known to man. Many companies will even offer longer guarantees.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When anyone purchases any product, one thing that many consider is the time and effort that is needed for cleaning and maintenance. A product or material may offer a lot of benefits, but if it needs spending several hours cleaning or maintaining it, then it makes it less attractive when considering a purchase.

UPVC will not cause long hours to be spent having to clean it. Maintenance is fairly low. When looking at wood in comparison, it needs to be repainted or re-protected. Wood is not permanent, including the protecting finishes that are added after a structure is built. This material will eventually rot if it is not protected properly. The finishes need to be re-applied after a few years.

Aluminum rusts and will need minor attention now and then. UPVC will only get dirty and a normal cleaning would need to be done. If the space is small, then soap, water and a cloth will do the trick.

Proper insulation

This material is great for helping to insulate any room. This material was created to provide a cheaper and competent alternative insulator to wood or aluminum. It provides a reliable source of insulation. It also does a good job of blocking out sound.

Low Cost

Price will always be a factor when any investment or purchasing decision is made. Not everyone is blessed with high amounts of money to spend. When compared to aluminum or wood, it’s the cheapest of the three. This is the reason why this material is quite popular when the topic of UPVC windows, tilt and turn windows or UPVC sliding sash windows comes up. The price and the value offered is unsurpassed.

Aesthetic Qualities

When people look at a product that has been constructed with UPVC, they know they are looking at a simple construction. UPVC offers a clean, simple, finished look. There are some people that like this material, but not all. Some people think that it’s too simple. Many still prefer the use of wood and aluminum for aesthetic reasons. The preference here is personal. Some people feel that the character of a home or building is lost when UPVC is used. One may need to carefully consider this one factor when considering the frame to use.

upvc windows seem to have an obvious advantage over the other materials, but as seen, it may not always be the choice that some companies or home owners choose, simply because of the simple look. But, if one looks around, more tilt and turn windows will be noticed popping up, including UPVC sliding sash windows. The factors above should carefully be considered when making this type of investment.