Factors to Consider in Registering Your Own Domain Name


When building your own website, registering or buying your own domain name is very essential. I know I have discussed the importance of having a good domain name. Yet, just in case you have missed a point or would want to have a guide as to how to pick the right domain name, I took the liberty to share to you some factors to consider when buying your own domain name.

One of the things to considering when registering your domain name is to use easy names. When I say easy names, your domain name must be easy to remember, type, spell as well as pronounce. This is because a lot or almost all of the web users are very lazy to key in long and difficult to spell domain names. As a result, they would quickly give up remembering your domain name and switch to keying in domain names that are easy to type and spell. That is why, you really need to have easy names as it is easier for them to remember and would greatly help you have the traffic you want from the web users.

If you are into the blogging business and niche marketing, it is always best if you buy the other domain names which are similar or logical to you. For instance, you have bought the .com domain name; if possible buy also the .net and .org as this can help you protect your niche marketing in some circumstances.

Also, if you are new in blogging or website creation, always watch out with the domain name you buy as some might have been used before already. Always try to check whether the domain has been registered before. This is because people who send out spams usually buy up domain names then abandons it once they have used it up. As a result, the domain name has been banned by Google and if you buy this domain name, it would lead you to a pretty poor start since it already has a bad record in the search engine.

However, it is not a rule that you should follow the advices that I have written above. Those that I have written are just advices to let you know of the things you need to consider in buying up domains as well as help you start at the right track. I hope I have helped you and have lightened you up on the part of choosing your own domain name.