Factors to Consider Before Joining a PPC Network


In this article we will take a look at the factors that should affect your decision concerning joining a particular PPC network. These factors differ from one network to another, and that difference is actually good for you, it will help you choose the PPC network most suitable for your needs.

The factors are:

– Conversion rate

Conversion rate measure how many of those who click your ads actually perform the action you want them to. For example if you want ad clickers to buy a certain product or subscribe to your site and 8 out of 10 ad clickers did what you want then your ad has a 80% conversion rate.

-Traffic Volume

Traffic volume is the total number of people who are going to see your ad. They may not click it, but the chance of an ad click increases proportionally to the increase of traffic volume. It also matters what kind of traffic you are targeting when you are deciding to join a PPC network.

– Click Pricing

This is self explanatory; you always want a PPC network to charge lower prices than the one you are currently paying. Be careful thought, PPC networks that charge more do this because they can afford to. They are good at what they do and they want to be paid accordingly. So don’t go to the really cheap ones unless you are sure they will achieve what you want.

– Keyword Competition

This represent the mount of competition you will get when you bid on certain keyword, you want this to be as low as possible when choosing a PPC network, because a lot of keyword competition will lead to higher prices.


Having an easy to use interface is also a priority when choosing a network; you do want to spend time wrestling with a poorly designed interface instead of actually getting work done.

Keep those factors in mind when choosing a network and remember that what is important is to choose one that will serve your needs best. To continue reading our series on PPC networks please visit http://www.doubleurincome.com.