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Popularity of an individual these days may it be a local celeb or a budding national celebrity, an aspiring politician or just some emerging television star is associated with the fan following of that individual. And with social networking sites like facebook and twitter on full boom, what better way for people to find out how popular an individual is through finding out the number of followers that he/she might have on such networking sites.Making fans and increasing your fan following on Facebook Marketing such social networking sites especially when you are starting from grass root level is very difficult because people hardly care about listening to somebody or following some body

They would hardly want to lay that much time or that amount of contemplation in understanding and following someone who is new or completely unknown. Adding people on to your fan following list is similar and equally difficult as making a brand out of yourself.With the local firms and companies making their own page on facebook and twitter, even they would need to have a huge fan following to generate brand loyalty, brand impact and brand impact

Typically such websites that’d help you increase your fan following or likings would start working on your campaign within 24-48 hours from the confirmation of your order and you will start to see new fans/followers within a few days. In order to complete your entire order they might take 2-4 weeks to complete your Facebook fans and say 3-4 weeks for Twitter followers.Social networking sites are on full fledged move and have taken the world by storm. For instance, Facebook now has over 400 million users with over 50% of these users logging in daily, accessing the site over 500 billion minutes per month. This itself shows how effective facebook or twitter is at local, national and international level

Twitter and other social networking sites are a good way for Businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes to be able to stay connected to their customers and to quickly share information with people interested in their company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about their business. Customers can not only use such pages to get in touch with the company directly and tell how good/great/bad their experience with your business was, offer product ideas.A satisfied customer is the right building block to your empire of a successful business!