Facebook Marketing: Facebook Fan Page Don’ts

Facebook Marketing: Facebook Fan Page Don’ts

Facebook is home to 500 million active members and having a presence on this behemoth of a social media site is an essential move for those who aim to grab a slice of the internet marketing revenue pie. As much as you can build relationships and engage your friends through your profile, you can turn your friends into loyal customers through your Facebook Fan Page .

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is quickly becoming a must for every business. Have you noticed how more and more fan pages are popping up on Facebook every day? And I have to say, though some of those Facebook fan pages like Coca Cola, Red Bull, Starbucks, Skittles, Room 214, and more really do things right and convince me to click that “like” button without second thought, there are some that I would consider pretty unmarketable. Most fan pages can even go as far as potentially hurting their business.

For many individuals, companies and organizations, Facebook has become an integral part of their branding strategy and promotional campaigns. But simply creating a presence won’t automatically mean a boost in sales or traffic to your website. Facebook marketing still takes patience and strategic planning so your fan page wont fall into the ranks of the “unmarketable”. If you don’t want to see your page on any Worst pages on Facebook lists, here are some Fan Page Don’ts that you should consider when setting up your company’s Facebook fan page.

1. Dont just sell, sell, sell, sell, and oh ya, sell. Let’s face it, its irritating when someone keeps on waving their products right on your face, right? Empathize. Not all visitors will be interested in the products you have on your page. If your fan page is overtly commercial, people will find it boring and less…”like-able. Ok, that was a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea right?

2.Don’t have automated posts and scripted replies. Remember to aim for building customer relationships first. You have to be intimate and attentive to all your customer feedback and inquiries. If you are making a script to ease that effort, drop it! Loosen up and be as realistic as you can be. People love getting the attention they need and having their questions answered the way that other human beings deserve. Be transparent, and dont be afraid to show off your personality.

3.Don’t turn off comments the function. Your customers now have the control. You have to be somewhat submissive to what they demand. Listen and reply to their feedback, positive or negative ones. Look at every feedback as an opportunity to right a wrong or voice your side. Think of the good it could do for one irate customer voicing his opinion on your wall, and for your whole audience to publicly see you respond in a calm, controlled, personal way. Your audience has the right to voice their opinion, dont shy away from it.

4.Don’t overuse applications. If you are not a “techie”, don’t push yourself to use those applications that will just cause your Facebook fan page to be cluttered with dozens of apps that dont may not even work correctly. Besides, not all applications will work for some business functions, so choose applications that you think can really help, and leave the rest out.

5.Don’t just post your website’s links, videos, and photos. Put extra effort on posting interesting and useful information on your page. Engage in conversations, find tips that your users might deem useful. Post pictures that can grab their attention or something that would make them start a conversation. Think of your audience and put up information that they would love to know. Be relevant and fresh.

6.Don’t simply link your Facebook Ad Campaigns to your Fan page. Instead, remember to integrate links to your website and your fan page alike. Your fan page on Facebook should serve as your advertisement for your website, and your website should have links back to your fan page. Facebook is interactive and informative, your website is your sales page. This two-part technique will help convert organic traffic, from both sites, into sales..

With all the applications and tools that Facebook has to offer, and its easy access to millions of online users, it is indeed, a smart idea to have a Facebook fan page for your business. However, one must remember to always consider important things like the ones mentioned above to get more Facebook fans and create a fan page people actually Like.