Facebook As a Marketing Tool


Believe it or not Facebook is a lot more than a place to chat with friends. It is also an excellent way to promote your business. It’s free advertising, what more can a business owner ask for? Besides the amazing price this business tool allows you direct contact with your customers.

Don’t Bore Them

First things first of course, your businesses vitals: The name of your business, where you are located, operating hours and how to get a hold of you. Next I would setup the info page with a well written description of your product or service. Be professional but also try and convey some personality. Let people know that your product/service is the one that they not only want but NEED. This is where your marketing skills can really shine.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

After painting the perfect picture of why people need you with words also show them what they are getting. You have an almost unlimited amount of opportunities to promote with related images. You should not limit your pictures to boring shots the product either. Grab some buddies or family and take some photos of your product in action, or even better, grab your employees and get them into the game. Let them write their own biographies of who they are and what they do. If you promote a family like atmosphere your customers will feel that also.

Get The Word Out

If you’re not on Facebook already, get on now. Add everyone and anyone you know. Join as many related groups as you can, there are many. Join groups that are not related to your business but that you are interested in. Who knows who you will meet or how many people you will find that want your product.

Send Updates Not Spam

Update your status with something that people will want to read about your business. This will get your updates to all of your friends and potentially your friends’ friends. But don’t post things just to post. No one wants that.

Link Like Crazy (Within Reason)

Obviously, if your business has an official website, you will want to provide that link on your info page. Also, include links to online customer reviews, advertisements, and other points of interest related to your business.

Have a link to your website of course. Also link to ads, reviews or anything on the web that you think your potential customers might be interested in.

Don’t Disappear

You’ve come this far, don’t just create the page and then vanish into thin air. Try to login as often as you can when you have something of interest to post. Customers will like the fact that the owner of the business is part of the community. If there are any questions about your business who better to ask then you?