Facebook Ads Driving Traffic To Landing Page For 0.004 Cents Per Click

Facebook Ads Driving Traffic To Landing Page For 0.004 Cents Per Click

I’ve talked a bit about Facebook ads lately. While I don’t find them to be very effective at driving sales and converting to sales, it is a heck of a way to drive dirt cheap traffic.

Yesterday I setup two landing pages for FREE using Wix landing page builder. No need to pay for a domain or hosting. I then made two Facebook ads driving traffic to these landing pages I made for two affiliate offers I have.

Well it’s been less than 24 hours and on one campaign for Shopify I have 602 clicks which only cost me $2.25, that’s less than 0.004 cents per click.

I have another campaign for Terapeak which in less than 24 hours has driven 425 clicks and cost me only $1.95 and cost less than 0.005 cents per click.

I know many people buy traffic or buy Facebook likes and typically that is bot traffic or bot likes your buying meaning it’s not even real people. While this cheap traffic from Facebook is oftentimes not from the USA, at the very least it’s real people so if you’re looking to drive Facebook likes or just traffic to a blog, video or site, I think Facebook ads are pretty good.

For how I get this cheap traffic it will depend on the niche or interest groups your targeting but I typically will select men and women ages 18-65. I’ll select All English speaking for language and I’ll select for countries USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, China, Russia.

I’m actually going to spittest this and run the exact same campaigns but only target USA and see A. how much I’m paying per click and B. if it’s more effective at converting.

Are you using Facebook ads? What has your experience been? Do you have any tricks to share?