Facebook – 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Social Networking Efforts


If creating a Facebook fan page is not a part or your online marketing mix, then you are probably not aware of the overwhelming statistics that Facebook has received lately. If you really want your brand to be noticed, Facebook presence can be very effective approach.
Here are 5 tips in making the most your Facebook marketing:

Always offer fresh content. By adding fresh content to your page on a regular basis, your Facebook fans will always find a reason to come back and check out the new things that you have to offer. Constant updates don’t really have to be hard and time-consuming.In order to maximize results with little effort required, you can incorporate your Facebook fan page with other channels of social media as part of your online marketing strategy. There are certain services that allow you to update all your social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, at once. You can also automatically feed your Facebook wall with new blog posts.
Engage new visitors. Walls on Facebook fan pages can be a good tool in connecting with existing clients and potential customers. The wall may intimidate new visitors since he or she has no idea about what’s going on and what people are talking about. To prevent this from happening, you can always send first-time visitors to a welcoming landing page where they can get a good understanding about your products or services as well as feel the urge of becoming a fan too.
Promote a contest through Facebook.You can attract more fans by offering a tempting incentive like a contest. Offering incentives is also a great way to add value to your fan page. But we aware that there are newly announced Facebook marketing guidelines in November like getting approval first before holding any contests.
Offer something that fans won’t find anywhere else. Users will be tempted to become fans if they get something of value like a weekly special advertised on the fan page, a special product coupon exclusive to fans, free shipping if you are a Facebook fan and many more.
Promote interaction.If there is no interaction and engagement, fan pages in Facebook will have little or no success at all because social media is actually designed for a two-way communication. You can keep the ball rolling by reposting significant and interesting information from other Facebook users, integrating games and quizzes to your Facebook fan page applications, offering a survey that is easy to respond to and soliciting opinions from fans by posting questions.



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