Explore the Big Apple with New York City Sightseeing Tour


You could never be stuck for things to do in New York. In fact, it is difficult to think of a city that is as suffused with attractions, that provides such a great array of entertainment options. The problem with New York sightseeing is it can be difficult to know where to begin, with so much choice on display. Just to begin with, there are an incredible 150 museums in New York. It is advisable to take a New York tour to experience just a small proportion of the daunting amount of culture this extraordinary city has to offer.

What visit to New York is complete without seeing the Statue of Liberty? Famously a gift from the French government for the 1000th birthday of American independence, the Statue of Liberty has come to epitomise New York like, arguably, no other building. The only other building that competes with the Statue of Liberty in terms of renown is the majestic Empire State Building, called the ‘eight world wonder’ in the 1930s. Other landmarks well worth a visit are the imposing Brooklyn Bridge and the beloved Chrysler Building.

The Museum of Natural History is one of the most celebrated of New York’s extensive range of museums. This colossal museum holds within its walls an impressive planetarium, as well as a range of great dinosaur skeletons. This museum is constantly expanding and has something for everyone – fairly recent developments include a Hall of Biodiversity, opened in 1998, and the outstanding Rose Center for Earth and Space that opened in 2000, covering an immense 333,500 square feet. Other notable museums well worth visiting include the Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum and the celebrated ‘Met.’

Grand Central Terminal is well worth a visit, and it truly is one of the greatest railway stations in the world. And did you know that Central Park is in fact larger than the principality of Monaco? It is so much more than just a park, containing as it does theatres, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts, and much more.

Conclusion: There is so much more you can do in New York, so many incredible New York attractions to visit, than have been briefly mentioned here, that a NYC tour is a good option to take. Bus tours of New York are a particularly great way of getting around this somewhat overwhelming city, and seeing the highlights.