Explore The Ancient Greeks From Greece Hotels


For history buffs, Greece is the perfect destination. In both Rhodes and Corfu you can learn all about the Ancient Greeks by exploring the local architecture, monasteries, ancient cities and museums. Make sure you look at all the available Greece hotels before you leave, to ensure you have somewhere nice to stay at the end of each day of sightseeing.

Kameiros in Rhodes is an ancient town with great importance in the Dodecanese complex, as it was one of the three large Doric cities in the fifth century. Exploring the Hellenistic ruins, discovered in 1929, you will find that the town is often referred to as the ‘Greek Pompey’, as nobody knows why the city was buried and abandoned. The ruins date back to the third century BC, and you can admire on-site the ancient city market, a Doric temple and a few arches, many of the other findings are displayed at Louvre, British Museum and in the archaeological museum of Rhodes Town.

In Rhodes, head southwest for Scala Kamirou, which is an authentic Greek village. The 20km drive is beautiful and you’ll pass along small picturesque villages, lush forests and old monasteries. Scala Kamirou is a small harbor, where boats leave for Halki and Nisyros islands. Here you’ll spot the photogenic green houses while the cozy fish taverns will tempt your palate. Even though it’s a beach spot, the area is more about learning about the history of Rhodes than relaxing under the sun. There are plenty of great Rhodes hotels available to make your stay comfortable.

In Corfu you can visit the complex temples atop the Acropolis of Athens. The rugged collection of ruins used to be an entire civilization. It’s a sacred place, dating back to Mycenaean times where they worshipped their Gods in temples, conducted festivals and fortified themselves whenever the enemies breached Athens. They were designed as a monument to everything that Athenian’s thought interested man, and the ideals that forged western thought and culture are embodied in artistic expression. The temple of Aphaia, located on top of the pine-clad Mesagro hill on the northeast end of the island, has fantastic views over the ancient landscape. The temple used to be a place of worship and dates back nearly 3000 years. Nearby you can find some fantastic hotels, especially around Glyfada beach or Roda beach. You can definitely make the most of your stay in Greece by booking one of these luxurious Corfu hotels.