Expandable Baton Review


What is a Baton? There are Batons for conductors, twirling, and the one that we will explore today; the expandable self defense baton. I will layout the description, operation, advantages, and disadvantages associated with the expandable baton.


· The expandable baton comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different arm lengths. It starts out 8 inches long and expands to 16, 21 or 26 inches long depending on which one you purchase.

· It weights approximately 15.4 oz

· Nylon holder that fits on any belt with Velcro closer to keep it in place during activity.

· Foam handle for easy gripping.

· You can accessorize some units with different holders, caps, wrist straps and flashlights.


· Pull it out of its nylon holster and it is ready to use in close tight situations.

· Whip your arm and wrist and it expands open giving you more distance from your assailant or suspect.

· To close the unit point it vertically, tip down and tap the ground. Don’t try and close it with your hands or by tapping it on tables, desks, any wooden or delicate surfaces or items you don’t wish to have damaged.

· This unit is used for striking, blocking and control techniques. Proper training is a must with this product in order for it to really be effective.


· Because of its diversity it works well for all the different types of people. Patrol officers don’t have to remove it from their belts before entering their vehicles.

· Plain clothes officers can conveniently keep them under their suit coats.

· Beat officers and Swat can quickly run and maneuver without interference.

· For self defense it can go anywhere you go for the same reasons previously stated.

· Durability and multiple uses; some other self defense products are good for only one or a few uses like TASERS and Pepper spray.


· Heavier than other self defense products.

· Multiple taps to collapse

· When holstered doesn’t have visual deterrence abilities due to its compactness.


I hope this review gives some in site into the particulars of the expandable baton. Is this the correct fit for your personal security & self defense needs? The expandable baton is a very effective self defense product with proper training. Always check your state and local laws to be sure they are legal to carry in your area. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.