Exclusive Russian Programs on DISH Network


In the initial few years of television and broadcasting watching television was not a common household name. With limited number of programming choice the television buffs had to stay satisfied with few handpicked channels that aired programs only for a short span of time. That was also the time when people had the misconception that television was of no good to human society, it was total garbage that would only kill one’s time and energy. With the coming of cable television, the notion of people changed to some extent. Cable television viewers also had more choices in terms of programs but still the cable service can’t live up to the viewers’ satisfaction level.

Then the golden era of Satellite Television started in full swing. Especially DISH Network brought a round about change in programming and other facilities. That DISH TV is the one stop solution for quality entertainment is already a well proven fact. There are various innovations that DISH Network has brought in for its huge subscribers that already have crossed fourteen million in number. In this regard, a special mentioning may be made of the international programming packages. Airing more than 170 international channels in twenty eights languages, DISH Network has left enough option open in front of the people. Ask for programs in languages like Japanese, German, Urdu and many more, from DISH TV.

If your choice is to catch hold of programs in Russian language, your ultimate choice will be DISH Network Russian programming packages. Now let us have a close look at the special packages that DISH Network offers for all the Russian speaking people of the United States.

The Russian Mega Pack is the premium DISH Network package which one can get hold of at a nominal price rate of $ 32.99 per month. It offers a wide variety of exclusive programs in Russian language. You can thus enjoys programs like news articles, sports and games, chat shows, kids’ programs and special features and documentaries.

Under this package channels that are available are all worthy of watching in order to get a full pack Russian entertainment. Available on DISH TV channel no 738, CTC is a channel that can bring home popular drama series like Papini Dochki, Ranetki, Margosha. You can also enjoy comedy series of popular Russian comedians. Inter+, a top class channel providing various programs like amusement shows, films, kids’ programs in Russian and Ukrainian languages. It is available on DISH TV channel 579.

An exclusive music channel, La Minor airs various musical programs like ballads, lyrical songs. You can also get special Russian folk musical tunes that are enriched in romantic elements. Tune in to DISH TV channel no. 591.

NTV America, a special Russian-language channel, is available on DISH Network channel 740. You can view all the shows live from Moscow. Plus you can watch 7 daily news broadcasts live from Russia. Other programs include Russian football events, soaps and serials and also multiple movies and stuff.

Besides, channels like EURONEWS (channel no. 901), RUSSIAN EXTREME SPORTS (channel no. 712), RUSSIAN LIFE (channel no. 593), TV1000 RUSSIAN KINO (channel no. 749) and TVCI (channel no 741) also are available for the delight of the DISH audiences.

In addition you can also snatch the deal of buying NTV AMERICA A LA CARTE package. It is one such unique package that facilitated you to pick and choose programs as per one’s preference. Thus you can get quality programs both from Russia and from the US at a price of only $ 19.99/ month.