Exclusive Programming Gifts of DISH Network


DISH Network has gained the status of being the premier Satellite TV provider and it proudly shoulders a handful of laurels. It has a database of over 14 million subscribers in United States and brings about many more special innovations which are rightly acknowledged by all the tycoons of the television industry. What is the secret behind this huge popularity of DISH Network? Without any hitch it can be declared that exquisite programming packages at affordable price fares is its trade secret of success. Also the expedient and easy to use technologies have helped DISH Network to earn all the kudos.

Although the other existing providers too have brought about handful of packages and services they have failed in anticipating the exact need and demands of the television viewers. What the people want, the DISH Network rightly gets it for them. Take for example, the English packages of DISH Network. The most economic one is America’s Top 120 that offers more than 120 channels is synonymous to complete family entertainment. Avail all the favorite channels like CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon and Discovery Channel so that both the kids and adult members of your family can stay amused round the clock. Price is at such a low rate that even less affluent people can also afford the package. For instance it is available at $ 24.99/mo for one year and then $ 39.99/ mo for another one year. Other English packs like America’s Top 120+. 200, 250 packages also are much sought after by all the television buffs. All these packs are so stuffed with programming content that people get maximum programming choices. Be it sports, movies, music and news items everyone has something to watch. The most exclusive package, the America’s Everything Pak comprises of more than two hundred and ninety five channels including thirty one premium movie channels from top notch companies like Showtime, Starz, HBO and Cinemax; NBA TV, plus all the channels of America’s Top 250 package. That is not all. If you want to watch special programming of international communities, you can subscribe to special package that offers you to select programs from DISH’s 170 and more international channels in as many as twenty eight languages.

To broaden your exposure to maximum of family entertainment programming of television industry DISH Network’s HD channels are in your programming chart. The crystal clear images, broad display set-up, as well as stunning Dolby digital sound track will create the ambience of a full-fledged movie hall inside your home. Patting shoulder, it can be said that DISH Network, the sole and only pay TV provider, offers more than 200 national HD channels. No one else has reached that high mark.

Also DISH Network supplies hi-fi technological advantages of DISH receivers. With DISH DVR built in it, you can bring home the facility of recording programs up to several hours and then watch them n-number of times later as per your convenience. Special features like Electronic Programming guide for easy selection of programs, parental lock systems for blocking irrelevant programs and channels are also available. Surely, you cannot ask for anything more!