Exciting Attractions in Rockford City


With a wide range of attractions, Illinois is one of the most exciting states in the US. It is the fifth populous state of the country. It is one of the major manufacturing hubs with other major sectors like coal mining, oil production and agriculture. For the people in the state, it’s like a shrine  because it’s well-known for the memorials associated with Abraham Lincoln’s life. Here are some guidlines to help you with important information about Rockford, a magnnificent city in Illinois.


This state is a great destination for the people looking for a break from the hustle and bustle from the busy city life. Entire state offers a great range of attractions in form of scenic landscapes, exciting activities and must visit cities. Rockford is one such city that the visitor of the state would not afford to miss.


Rockford is a great mid-size city with a population of 339,178 according to the 2000 census. This city is ideally situated in the northern end of the state just about eighty five miles from Chicago. The city is located along the banks of Rock River that provides the city with some exotic views.


This marvelous city was established in the year 1834 by Germanicus kent. The city was famous as the village of Midway as it lies between Chicago and Kent’s hometown of Galena. Later in the year 1837, the name of the town was changed to Rock Ford and it was incorporated as a city in 1852. The advent of Galena & Chicago Union Railroad boosted the economy of the area. Eventually by the end of the century, the city was recognized as an important industrial and manufacturing center.


The city of Rockford is one of the major tourist attractions and remains in the list of the must visit places of the tourists. Here one can find some major tourist attractions in form of museums and performing arts theaters and venues. Some of the must visit attractions of the city include Anderson Japanese Gardens, Midway Village & Museum Center, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens, CoCo Key Water Resort and several other prominent attractions.


Midway Village & Museum Center is stretched over an area of about 136 acres. Initially, the museum was opened over an area of about eleven acres land donated by the Severin Family. After that several more galleries were opened and now the museum is over an area of about 136 acres. There are around seven permanent exhibition galleries with a great collection hall, workrooms, classrooms, library, audio-visual room and a museum store. The aim of the museum is to educated people about the history of North end of the state and Rockford City.


Anderson Japanese Garden is a very wonderful and ideal place to visit for earning a peaceful and refreshing time. This garden is considered as the finest Japanese gardens in North America. This marvelous park covered around eight and a half acres of land and accommodates several waterfalls, paths, gift shops, restaurants, art galleries etc. The garden is divided into two sections; one contains a very formal Japanese garden while the other section has a very modern and contemporary type of international garden.


These gardens are designed in a way that the visitors should forget about their stresses and rejuvenate their senses.


After visiting the Midway Village & Museum Center, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens with some other must visit attractions such as Rockford Speedway, Rockford art galleries, the Anderson Gardens is an excellent site to relax.