Excellent Fiancee Visa Service for My Thai Fiancee by USA Immigration Law Thailand



Brian Wright’s USA Immigration Law Thailand service was really great for us when I was a several thousand miles away from my Thai Fiancee in Thailand and we needed our Fiancee Visa processed.  Brian Wright made everything completely manageable – though the stumbling blocks of the Fiancee Visa process seemed almost insurmountable considering the distance and language barriers. Brian Wright and his Staff took the time to make sure we understood the fiancee visa process and kept us from making any mistakes that would have cost us time. Brian Wright even took the time to help us after we returned to the States and DHS screwed up our paperwork for the Change of Status.

My Thai Fiancee is happily in America I want to thank Brian Wright for the excellent fiancee visa service you provided. Everything went very smoothly and Brian Wright took care of everything exactly as he promised.

Having lived and worked around the world, I knew upfront the process for getting a fiancee visa was not going to be easy. There are many obstacles to overcome such as the following:

The many documents the Thai applicant must obtain.
The Medical and Police report.
The form in English that need to be completed by the Thai applicant.
Knowledge of the Embassy and the process and customs for a successful application.
The many documents that must be supplied by the petitioner.

Brian Wright’s fiance visa service was excellent and he helped make the whole fiancee visa process very simple for both of us. My Fiancee commented many times that she fell very comfortable with the way you were handling the fiance visa application. This helped her to relax and be less anxious through the fiancee visa process.

I (Anthony S., Pennsylvania, USA) would surely recommend USA Immigration Law Thailand by Brian Wright to anyone trying to get a Visa to the United States from Thailand for Thai Fiance.

Again, thanks Brian Wright for your excellent fiancee visa service.