Excellent Dining On A Budget- A Guide To Brisbane Restaurants

.tags Malaysian born and searching for ethnic foods to eat on a budget, Mei Yen Chua, decided that he needed to help those relocating to Brisbane or even tourists to find the best food around Brisbane for less and that was the inspiration for writing Budget Bites, which now has just came out with its 2011 updated version of the best places to eat for less. With so many incredible places to eat on a budget in Brisbane you can really enjoy your time in Brisbane without going over budget.

Now, while these places are inexpensive they offer good food, service and a clean environment and each restaurant is reviewed to help people know what to expect from the food and the environment. This is not just a list of restaurants in the area, but those who have been carefully considered for addition to this incredible guide.

Down the road the author is considering doing a more complete guide to area restaurants and maybe even a fine dining guide. For now she is happy that she has been able to guide diners to those establishments who are serving up good food on a budget and in the current economy this guide is a very useful tool for those who like to dine out but can only do so on a modest budget.

Budget Bites was on the shelves for the last three years and every year is updated with the latest information on restaurants in Brisbane, it provides the latest, most current and accurate information available to consumers. It is wonderful to have such a guide and is like having a good friend recommended restaurants that they know and love in this guide is a very useful tool to people when they travel to Brisbane, on vacation or even when moving to this region.

There are many wonderful restaurants all throughout the Brisbane region and if you happen to stumble across a hidden treasure that is not outlined in the most recent Budget Bites you may wish to contact the author and let her know. As this book is constantly being updated you never know what will be added in the 2012 addition of Budget Bites but it may just be one of the places that you suggested. The guide sells for about $ 20 but can also be picked up at your local library or purchased through a reseller for less.