Example of true viral marketing, The Child Protection Community


Going viral has never been easier, as a matter of fact it is as simple as a click away, or several. The one thing to keep in mind about going viral is this, like a true virus it takes time to grow. It does not happen overnight, by any means in most cases. So do not get in a hurry, you tell a few people, and they then tell a few people whom in turn tell more people, until finally hundreds then thousands of people are telling others about it.

A good example of viral marketing www.TheChildProtectionCommunity.net ,they give people a reason to share their site with others. Features like free websites, free tech support, free promotion of those new websites, Free sex offender data bases anytime 24/7,  plus much more give folks a reason to go there and also to share it with others.

They are comprised of several advocacy groups, a yellow pages of child advocacy groups if you will. Offering Free listings for just about any group or person active in advocacy efforts directed towards children. This has created a sensational response across the board, and helped propel them to the top of the search engine in that community.

Founder, Joe Tillman said “one of the goals of The Child Protection Community is to help more people either get involved or propel their efforts onto the scene. By offering Free websites plus much more, we are setting the stage for any one that has a desire to start an effort to be able to do just that, with no out of pocket expense.”

When asked why they would do this, he replied “its children, why would we not do this?”

Seems that this type of viral marketing is something to be said for, it has all the great qualities of a great campaign, interest, desire to spread the word, and to top it all off, it is helping out children to boot!