Every Day Is Happy New Year


Depending on the climate, a year is composed of four seasons, often three, sometimes even less. The day that is chosen to make the year ‘new’ is arbitrary and cultural. However, that is not meant to say, necessarily, that is a bad thing. Indeed, New Year’s day- or at least New Year’s Eve anyway- is probably the most optimistic day of the year for most people.

But a month or so into the new year- or even less- find people waking up in the morning living their old routines and not too excited about all the great things they’re in the process of making happen this year. Indeed, people even go through with their resolutions (they quit smoking for example) but even the fact that they don’t smoke anymore seems like old hat.

It seems possible that there is a way of living where every day of one’s life is as exciting as the New Year, that promises and possibilities for growth are right there for the picking like a fruit ripe on the tree. Every new moment offers the possibility of renewal; every second is pregnant with boundless opportunities. New Year’s is a time when people emerge from their tunnel vision and say, “I’m finally going to do something great; I’m going to make it happen!” And why shouldn’t people do this? Not just on New Year’s but every day?

Life should not be lived in a world draped in grey. The world is a canvas- the heart a palette of paints. This life is exciting! Cherish every moment of it, even when you don’t feel like it. Remember, resolutions are to start anew- that’s the promise for growth- but they’re also about stopping bad habits, and living a gloomy, ho hum existence is a very bad habit.

So Happy New Year! Today and every day!