Essential Gadgets For Bloggers | Beauty And The Blogger Secrets

Essential Gadgets For Bloggers | Beauty And The Blogger Secrets

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Blogging is a difficult as well as an interesting work to do. But it needs a lot of passion and of course, some gadgets which are essential for every blogger. In today’s video, the blogger mentor, Miss Malini and the winner blogger, Karishma from ‘Beauty and the Blogger’ will tell you what all gadgets are needed for a blogger.

List of Gadgets that they consider essential include a Smart Phone, Battery Pack, Laptop, Bluetooth Earphones, Flip Camera, External Hard Drive, Selfie Pod and Digital Camera.

Do watch this video to know the favourite gadget of Karishma and Miss Malini.

The winner of Beauty And The Blogger, Karishma, along with the blogging queen, Miss Malini are here with their web series #Beauty And Blogger Secrets. BNB Secrets – Where Anusha and Miss Malini reveal the best fashion and blogging tips. Stay tuned for the video series every Tuesday and Friday on Fame Fashion.

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