Escape Artist

{flickr|100|campaign} Fascinated by the exploits of escapologists?

Without doubt the grand master of escapology was Harry Houdini who used to wow audiences with his amazing feats back in the early 1920s. Today escapology still remains a popular attraction and large crowds gather whenever an Escape Artist is performing a death-defying stunt. Chained and bound, it can often seem impossible for the Escape Artist to break free for their confines. Many Stuntmen set the most impossible times to try to escape from their shackles. A number will hide behind screens as they try to break free, whilst others are in full view of the audience. The services of an Escape Artist can be hired for a variety of events and they’ll provide a visual treat for the crowds in attendance. Book an Escape Artist for your next corporate function and they’ll captivate the audience with their riveting escapology routine.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Think about the poor Escape Artist that is chained and hung from his heels on centre stage. Spectacular stage shows are choreographed by a professional Escape Artist. They can leave the audience on the edge of their seats as they try to escape from their chains. Individual shows can be arranged for private corporate clients, or the Escape Artist can perform in an outside setting for groups of families. Holding a village fete in the future? Perfect. A professional Escape Artist is the ideal crowd drawer and their routine could be the highlight of the occasion. Book the services of escapology Stuntmen for product launches, awards ceremonies, family fun days or steam rallies. Their amazing routine proves to be popular with a wide range of audiences.

Take to the street

Remember the street parties of old (ecky thump when I was a lad). The time when families and friends would gather to make their own entertainment? Well, there’s a bit of good news. Street entertainment still exists! It’s alive and well and you can enjoy the exploits of an Escape Artist as Stuntmen perform amazing stunts in the street. You might have to close the street first (please get permission for this) but the services of an Escape Artist can keep guests entertained if you decide to put on a show. A clever mix of comedy, daring stunts and audience activity makes the exploits of the Escape Artist totally enthralling. Arrange a show for the villagers and let the Escape Artist lose on the crowds.