Enjoying the Town of Haworth, West Yorkshire


Enjoying the town of Haworth, West Yorkshire is easy because there’s so much history to the region. The town is one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Yorkshire, which is an English Ceremonial county lying in the central northern tier of England. It is perhaps best known for being a periodic home to the famous Bronte sisters and trio of authoresses. They penned some of the greatest literature in the English Canon of books, including “Jane Eyre,” and “Wuthering Heights.”

Because Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” is so beloved in Japan, Haworth sees large numbers of Japanese tourists who come to explore the Bronte haunts and the Haworth Parsonage, where the sisters lived while doing most of their writing.

There are plenty of what the English call “public footpaths,” in and around the town itself. A few of these paths lead from the town and out into the famous West Yorkshire moors. They also lead past many sites of interest named after the three Bronte sisters. These include the Bronte waterfalls, the Bronte Bridge and the Bronte Stone Chair, which is where it is believed many of the first written stories by the three were written.

Haworth has lately begun to host an annual arts festival, which combines street performance, performing arts and visual arts. The community itself is strongly involved in the planning and hosting of the festival. It has high hopes for its continued success.

West Yorkshire is the 4th most populous county in England, with a population numbering some 2.2 million people. It is completely landlocked, located as it is in the center-north of the country. There are fine examples of architecture in many of its towns and the five boroughs which make up the county itself. Haworth – with its connection to Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte – and West Yorkshire are fine places for the tourist to enjoy.