Enjoy your Napa valley trip with Wine Country tours


Located approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco , Napa Valley is home to numerous world class wineries. Tourists galore keep coming here unceasingly to explore the area, halting at all the wayside wineries and sampling rare and vintage wine in various tasting rooms. But you should opt for the guided tours of the Napa Valley wine country so as not to miss all the picturesque sites and also the less prominent wineries often missed by the general tourists.

Exploring the Napa Valley Wine Country can be educative, entertaining and adventurous – even if you are not a connoisseur of wines. To heighten your excitement, you can go though the Napa wineries using different modes – bike, car, train, bus, limo, balloon, boat, motor cycle, horseback etc.

One of the most comfortable methods of visiting the Napa Valley wineries is by engaging a car and self-driving with the aid of a few wine country brochures and guide books. You can even opt for jeep tours that will take you through the vineyards and not just the tasting rooms. These tours are ideal if you wish to learn more about the vineyards and the process of wine making.

The Napa wine tour by train offers a memorable travel experience to several well known wineries. You can choose from a plethora of excursion options along with specific winery tour packages. There are holiday and themed Wine Train specials available throughout the year and you can check up to find updated information about the forthcoming Wine Train programs.

Opting for the wine country shuttle tours by bus will mean you can be care-free and concentrate on the wineries as there will be a designated driver and a well-conceived wine country itinerary already in place. These shuttle bus trips stop at the major Napa Valley Wineries and include a picnic lunch and invariably end with an exciting ferry ride back to San Francisco .

There are plenty of luxury tour options if you wish to avail the classic limo service. This is an excellent method if you are looking to explore the California wine country scene without having to worry about driving after tasting or wasting time sorting out winery directions or getting caught in tourist traps. This is an ideal option if you just want to concentrate on the featured wines.

If you have enough time to leisurely go around and wish to get close and personal with the best of the Napa Valley wineries, the right thing would be to choose from the many cycling vacation packages. The popular Napa valley bike tours can offer you unlimited fun and excitement as you pedal through the wine country’s most quaint side roads and alleys. Please know that bicycle tours offers wine country 4-day and wine country 6-day itineraries with many attractive add-ons.

The most exciting and adventurous tour of wine country tour is availing the Napa valley balloons. The balloons will soar high to provide you a rare glimpse of sunrise in California ‘s most treasured Napa Valley . The balloons glide over the valley at an altitude of 2,000 feet and the extraordinary ride lasts for nearly an hour and includes a continental breakfast.

To derive a sense of complete fulfillment, you can also experiment going around the wine country by boat, by foot, by motorcycle and on horseback. But, regardless how you decide to navigate through California ‘s most endearing wine country, one thing is certain and that is you will never be disappointed. Fantastic wineries, fascinating scenery and a truly hospitable atmosphere will beckon you whatever the mode of your travel.