Enjoy Home Being Away From Home with Dish Network


Those who are living in the United States and missing their native language and culture for them, DISH Network has come up with exquisitely designed international packs. The viewers can watch their favorite programs directly delivered from their homeland sitting in the US. And all credit goes to DISH Network, which is one of the most popular satellite TV service providers in the region.

To quench the thirst of TV viewing needs of the viewers, DISH Network offers more than 170 international channels in 28 languages. So, the viewers have wide programming choices. The list of international programming are available language like Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Pan African, Russian, and many more.

For the international viewers DISH Network packages are wide and diverse. Each of the packages has been developed keeping the taste and budget of the viewers in mind. DISH Latino Max, DISH Latino DOS, DISH Latino Clasico, Arabic Elite Super Pack, Hindi Mega Pack, Polish Super Pack, Greek Wall TV Pack, Taiwanese Mega Pack, Russian Mega Pack, and Brazil Elite Pack, etc. are to name a few notable packs.

For the Spanish speaking viewers Dish LATINO Max is a very good choice. This pack is available with a price tag of $ 42.99 per month. With this pack the subscriber can watch all the contents of DishLATINO Clasico and DishLATINO Dos other than the most electrifying channels. Over 255 channels are delivered direct to the viewers which include all the actions of sports, action and entertainment. The viewers get the best value for their money with this pack. Over 40 HD channels and local channels are also included in this pack.

The Arabic Elite Super Pack is another comprehensive Arabic-language programming choice for the satellite TV viewers in America. The pack is available at $ 49.99 per month and programming includes everything to meet the need of the whole family. There are 24-hour news, newly released and classical movies, mini-series, dramas, sports, Arabic Soccer Leagues, talk shows, and many many more. For the Arabic programming viewers there are other options as well like Arabic Elite Pack, Arabic Enhanced Pack, and Arabic Music Pack, etc.

For the viewers from South Asian region DISH Network offers Hindi language programming. Countless packages are there in the list such as Hindi Mega Pack, Hindi Super Pack, Hindi Elite pack, etc. To subscribe Hindi Mega Pack, the viewer needs to pay only $ 59.99 per month. With this small amount they get unlimited entertainment like blockbuster Movies, music videos, action packed thrillers, reality shows, sitcoms, family drama, latest news and current affairs and much more.

The Polish Super Pack could be subscribed by paying just $ 39.99 per month. The pack brings you magnificent Polish-language channels in 100% digital quality and sound. Round the clock entertainment directly from Poland are available including children’s programming and movies, the latest news, current events, entertainment, etc.