Enjoy Exclusive Brazilian Programs Of Directv

.tags The whole of television industry of United States is thronged with numerous television providers and it is quite natural for the viewers to be in dilemma so as to make the right choice amongst this huge line up of providers. Considering the spectrum of Satellite TV only you will find that there are two top notch companies namely DISH Network and DirecTV who have established strong grip in the market. Amongst the two it is DirecTV that has carved out its own niche in matters of programming packages and services. In matters of international programming also DirecTV has better scoring thereby catching the attention of all its viewers. Especially the foreign residents of United States are specially drawn to this exclusive international package of DirecTV.

There is no denying of the fact that United States is crowded with myriads of foreigners who have settled in the country down the years. In this way they can stay connected to their original roots and tradition of their native countries even if they are staying so many miles away in United States. Amongst the US Brazilian community also the demand of catching hold of programs in original Brazilian language is rising high. As a result DirecTV has come up a bucketful of special programs and services in the original Brazilian language. It has launched four exclusive packages, plus 2 a la carta channels. To boast you with complete entertainment of Brazil you will get all programs of your choice and tastes including sports, drama, news, music and movies.

Brazilian Direct-I: Available at price rate of $ 29.99/mo this Brazilian Direct I is the first category of Brazilian programming package. Under this package you are assured to get two exclusive channels in Brazilian language namely TV Globo and PFC. Under these channels you can get all the programs related to sports and entertainment. On TV Globo multiple programs including telenovelas, news (Fantastico), chat shows, sports and games, kids programs and many more are available. PFC, on the other hand, is an exclusive channel for soccer that brings in live coverage of over three hundred football matches throughout the year.

Brazilian Direct-II: Bring home complete family entertainment with this exclusive package. Besides TV Globo you are also provided with the channel Band International. Other programs like teen shows special programs on style and fashion, games and sports, news features etc. The price fare is $ 29.99/month.

Brazilian Direct-III: It is meant for exclusive programs on news, current affairs and stuff. This channel is dedicated to News and Entertainment. In addition to TV Globo and PFC you can also get another channel namely Band News. This 24X7 news channels offers special and live news that is updated after every 15 minutes. All the latest news from the financial market and current issues also are available from this channel. You can avail this package at $ 36.99/month.

Brazilian Direct-IV: This is a complete package that includes all the channels of Brazilian Direct-III. Available price fare is $ 39.99/mo.

In addition you have the facility of getting a la carta channels. Thus TV Globo is available at $ 19.99/mo, while for PFC channel you have to pay $ 19.99/mo.