Enjoy Best Of Movie Packages From Dish Network

{flickr|100|campaign} DISH Network is offering a host of great deals to its subscribers amongst which you can select the one that suits your pocket and preference. No doubt, DISH, today, has become very popular among people in the United States of America. As a leading provider of home entertainment in America, DISH has offered numerous great packages to every family, whether interested in movies, sports, tunes, or news, there is everything for everyone. In fact, DISH Network is the first to offer high quality picture and sound on high definition television (HDTV), however, post agreement and with auto pay and paperless billing system.

If you are unaware of different packages being offered by DISH Network, then keep reading, for we give you detailed information on varying packages and its amazing prices.

If you happen to be a great movie buff and like to just watch movies day-in-and-day-out, then the specially designed movies pack is the one for you. The premium movie channels like Showtime, HBO, Starz and Cinemax are provided by DISH Network. HBO delivers about 8 different high-definition channels and 9 standard channels that air hit movies, special events, World Championship Boxing and some of the best acclaimed series in original.

Besides dedicated movie channel, Showtime offers Showtime Sports, original series and about 10 other channels. Now you can enjoy popular Hollywood movies at the comfort of your home with Starz, which offers the best value for money. You can view as many as 450 movies in a month, which is worth just pennies in a day. Altogether Starz offers about 14 channels that include 6 in HDTV. On the other hand Cinemax offers 4 channels on HD television showing top movies, box office releases, and theatre premiers.

There are special adult programs delivered by DISH Network as well for those who are 18 plus. Americans can enjoy sensuous content in high definition mode with superb quality and life-like picture and images. Playboy TV is the obvious name in this category that offer seductive and intense content to its subscribers. Besides, reality shows and special insight into the life of celebrities form the part of Playboy TV. In fact, Pay-per-View and Video on Demand is a great way to watch your most loved movie on DISH Networks HD satellite television.

As a single package, you can get Starz at $ 13.00, HBO at $ 16.00, Showtime at $ 13.00, Cinemax at $ 13.00, and Playboy at $ 16.00. If you subscribe for two premium packs, then you can save about $ 8 every month, which means $ 24 per month. Combining 3 and 4 premium packages together will enable you to save around $ 12 and $ 16 per month that makes you pay $ 33 and $ 42 in a month, respectively. Furthermore, you will pay $ 52 per month and save $ 19 per month if you subscribe for 5 premium packages together.

Americas Everything Pak is, perhaps, the best pack that offers value for money as compared to other packages. You can view more than 295 channels under this pack, which include 31 premium movie channels absolutely free of any commercial for just $ 84.99 per month (with agreement). In fact, HD television offering is free for lifetime under many of its packages.