Enjoy Beaches in Nerja Spain



Nerja is located in Malaga. It was a fishing village previously but then, it was developed into a town because it attracted tourists like flowers do bees. Nerja boasts off about a number of beaches. The longest beach in Nerja named Playazo is great if you want to sunbath and relax or take a walk. It is a must visit in Nerja. Nerja beaches usually have pebbles and sand instead of the normal yellow sand. This could be a change from the usual for you and you could simply enjoy the beauty of these beaches in Nerja.

Along with Playazo, there is another beach called Burriana and you surely wouldn’t wanna miss this one. Mountains can be viewed in the background and the view is simply astounding. You will not be able to look away even for a moment; the look is that amazing. In this beach you can also look out for their famous eatery called Paella, rice dish, which is again a major attraction. It is a very busy place so you must make it as early as possible. To get a full, complete view of the mountains, you can walk a little away from this beach and get to “Balcon de Europa.” This will provide you an excellent view of the whole area. It is a mall. While taking in the scenic beauty, you could do some shopping too!

Nerja beaches definitely make the town a beauty overload. The best part is that the climate is always on your side and so, you can enjoy the weather as well as the beauty. You could rent beachside apartments or hotels so that you are always close to these amazing beaches. In these beaches in Nerja, you will be able to do a lot of activities such as play water sports or simply laze around. You can sunbathe and enjoy the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea or simply take a walk on the sand that stretches to many kilometres.

There is no better way to spend holidays than enjoy the beaches. This is why Nerja is a must visit. You really wouldn’t wanna miss this place. So go ahead, plan your holidays in Nerja and enjoy beaches in Nerja and also, the Nerja beach bars!