English Transferware – As Popular As Ever


English transferware seems to be as popular with collectors as ever. For the last twenty years we have noticed that one color or another seems to be much more popular than others. For about the last five years, brown has been the color of choice. Some collectors prefer the dark brown while others want the lighter shades.

Blue transferware has been the old stand by for the twenty plus years we have been selling English antiques and smalls. As owners of an antique mall, we have been selling English antiques and smalls since 1991. There are always people who will want the blue. You can find blue in England much easier than the other colors. It seemed to be the color of choice with the Victorian manufacturers of transferware.

Other colors that people want are black, green, red, and mulberry. There are some collectors who collect certain subject matter rather than colors. Castles were very popular for about a year. Here in Texas, cows are a popular subject matter. Then there are all of the oriental patterns with the most popular being Blue Willow. Another popular blue pattern is Asiatic Pheasant. Both of these patterns were made by many different manufacturers, so you will see different patterns and color variations. The light blue Asiatic Pheasant seems more popular than the darker blues, where as most people prefer the darker blues in most patterns.

You can look in the popular design magazines such as Architectural Digest, Veranda, and Country Living to see what the color of choice is at the moment. The last five plus years that brown has been the most popular is the longest span that we have witnessed. We try to stock all of the colors, but there is more blue because it is so plentiful.

If you want to start collecting transferware, especially English transferware, first decide on the color you want. Remember that blues are the easiest to find. If you want the color of choice to be”in”, then brown should be your choice. Black, green and red are not in a big demand. About ten tears a go, we could not buy enough red transferware. Then black was very hot. Mulberry was popular for about a year. But do your own thing and collect what makes you happy.