Encouragement Poems For The Path Less Traveled

.tags I know you want to quit at times. We’ve all experienced it. When life doesn’t go according to plan. When things take longer than you thought. When you keep facing obstacles you didn’t expect. When you get a dose of reality and you realize you’re a lot further than you thought you were from your goal. When fear creeps in and you can’t shake it. When thoughts of failure creep in as you fight against the evidence of your past. When you encounter naysayers and those “realists” who tell you to come back down from the clouds.

During times like these is when you could use encouragement poems and a dose of support. Whatever path you are on is the path less traveled. The further you go down that road the less people there are. The road wasn’t meant to be easy. It was only meant to be worth it. If you like failing more than your counterparts. If you like blazing new trails that can be slow and frustrating at times.

But the naysayers and everyone else in humanity needs the people on the road less traveled. Because everyone else needs a road to follow. And you blaze that road by not quitting, by keeping on the path. You don’t even know why you stay on the path. You just know that you are called to be there. You can’t go back. You know you have to be there. No one asked you to be there. You notice the scars and the callouses. You’re not looking for some great reward. You’re not chasing the bright lights. You don’t need anything. To most others, they couldn’t even understand why you are where you are and doing what you are doing.

Yet, there you are. Still. Calm. Weathered. Fierce. Harmless. Experienced. And you continue stepping one foot in front of the other on the path. Please accept my humble thank you for your courage and decision to be on the path less traveled.