Employee Holiday Calendar ? Keep Track of Your Team


Are you tired of running into your top salesperson’s office with a big project, only to find that they’re on vacation and you have no idea when they will be coming back? Large corporations might have forms and requisitions for managing employee holiday calendars, but these are inefficient and often unnecessary. Simple software can make tracking sick days, personal days, and vacation days much simpler and easier to document.

The need for an Employee Holiday Calendar

Most businesses allow their employees a certain number of sick days, personal days, and vacation days each year. However, when you have more than three or four employees, tracking these requests and off days can become complicated and messy. The last thing you want to do is book your whole team on a flight to a conference only to realize that the most important employee is going to be on vacation. By tracking days off on an easily customizable employee holiday calendar will save paper, and help you to plan your future commitments with more confidence.

What is an Employee Holiday Calendar?

Of course, you could just buy a big paper calendar, hang it on the wall in your break room or reception area, and hope that everyone will remember to color code their off days with the right highlighter. This might be an inexpensive solution, but it’s hardly as organized or efficient as it could be. Using the Employee Holiday Calendar that’s built to work seamlessly with the Microsoft Excel software already installed on your computer, you’ll find it easy to track and change employee days off for sickness, personal reasons, or planned vacations.

This Employee Holiday Calendar tool will allow you to see what your workforce will look like for months into the future. You’ll never have to wonder where your employees are ever again. You can set up access for your receptionist or team managers so they can help to track the out of office days for their subordinates. If you want to further streamline the process, you might also want to set up email reminders to alert employees about their co-workers upcoming days off.

If you’re desperate for a way to keep an accurate tally of the number and type of days that your employees are taking, this Excel integrated tool is inexpensive, efficient, and easy to use. You’ll be able to give your human resources department accurate information about the number of paid days off that have been used.