Emotional Highlights of North India Travel


Each region in India stands out for unique characteristics which give it its character and importance. Among all regions, North India has some of the most spectacular attractions and locations to boast of. The wondrous elements that give North India travel a distinct edge are too long to enumerate, and their experience is too overwhelming to put into words.

North India Tours cannot be spoken about without the mention of the Himalayan Mountains. The lofty Himalayas cover most of the northern territory, not only with their physical presence, but also with the influence they have on the topography and climate. The Himalayas have plenty to offer, starting with options for adventure tours and plenty of mountaineering, white water rafting and mountain biking. There are several hill stations which have emerged as some of the best holiday destinations not only in India, but also in the world. There are several places of pilgrimage high up in the altitudes which not only have an unparalleled charm, but also make some important places for worship.

Down in the plains you will find some interesting towns which are important contributors to the economy with their fertile soils. The plains of North India give the country a large percentage of the country’s pulses and grains, thus making them extremely relevant. It is not just the hills, but the presence of a network of large rivers which make this a possibility. Along the river banks, you will find some historic towns which have interesting legends and regaling folklore.

The state of Rajasthan is among the most important states of North India. It houses some of the greatest tourist destinations and is among the richest cultural centres of India. This state offers a delightful blend of desert land and arid patches, combined with some fertile belts which include some jungle undergrowth as well. Rajasthan has always enjoyed the unprecedented favour of all tourists who never fail to incorporate this destination to their tours. The palaces, desert, jungle safaris and culture of Rajasthan all contribute to making this a holiday that you cannot forget.

The city of Agra single-handedly makes for a complete tour, with an extravagant show of some colossal monuments and cultural exhibits. It is not just the Taj Mahal, but several others which make North India travel memorable. The food, people and handicrafts of this region are exotic, and evoke strong sentiments. This city is designed for tourist delight.

Other important locations on North India tours include the most important Hindu centre of Benares or Varanasi. This is a city which is especially important to Hindus and Buddhist followers. This is also the location of the oldest university in India.

North India is not only the ideal place for family holidays and romantic tours, but also the perfect place to have either a wedding, or even your honeymoon. Planning any of these holidays in North India is sure to give your holiday several added dimensions. No matter how you take this tour, or whom you embark with, you will be left with several timeless treasures which you will carry with you for life.