Emini Trading Course Recommendations


Since eminis were introduced to the market back in 1997 they have taken the online trading world by storm. In order to educate people on how these work and how they should be traded, emini trading courses have popped up all over the internet. Having done a comprehensive emini trading course myself, these are the things that I believe should be included in any course you do.

There are the technical aspects of trading that you need to learn about, especially if you’re new to online trading. (If you’re already doing day trading online, eminis are just another instrument you can add to your basket of instruments traded). But for newbie’s the basic things you need to learn are:

How to get access to real-time charts, and make sure they are reliable with a good data speed
How to read those charts, learn what indicators are, lines of resistance etc.
How to operate your trading platform. This is the piece of software that allows you to put in a trade online and you must learn how to do this accurately and in a timely manner. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you cannot enter and/or exit a trade for the right amount at the right time, you are jeopardizing your trading career.
Money management and writing a trading plan. You need to write a trading plan that is designed around your own circumstances – your available capital, your risk tolerance, how much time you have to trade each day and your personal trading style.
Psychology – it seems that many forget that our emotions can greatly influence how we trade. We may enter a trade too soon because our greed hopes that the market is going to go in the direction we want; or exit a trade to soon for fear that we will get burnt, and therefore miss out on our profit target. Even though day trading eminis can be fast-paced, we are also prone to being impatient and jumping into trades before our signals have formed correctly.

Learning these basic technical skills and learning to control our emotions are vital to a good emini trading course.